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Hellooooo there! My name's Ara and I think I've said that way too many times. This is my first post and I really don't know what to start with.

I guess I'll start with how I found this site.

THIS IS A REALLY WEIRD STORY. I was searching 'gerard way armpits' on Google I,ages in the middle of the night (right now) because I was bored. And then I come across this website with a girl's entry about the Way brothers having armpit problems (which is a misleading title 'cause the post was mainly about her experience at a My Chemical Romance concert) and looked around the website more. I really enjoy these type of websites where I can share my thoughts and adventures so I decided that I'd join. SO HERE I AM WEEEEEEEE

I'll layer this post with ten facts about me.

1. I like my name but at the same time I hate it because I can't find it anywhere on souvenir stores.
2. I'm from the Philippines :)))) (yo, kababayans!)
3. My favorite food is noodles and garlic bread.
4. I have this weird obsession with mechanical pencils and frozen yogurt.
5. I always make up stories in my head whenever I can't sleep.
6. I'm a light sleeper. Like, whenever somebody opens a creaky cabinet I just wake up from my sleep and have the hard time to go back.
8. I skipped number 7.
9. I made you look!
10. Basically I'm making up a stupid excuse...I can't make any more facts.

THAT'S ABOUT IT!!!! Okay I know this isn't something interesting but I promise (no I don't) that it will get better (no it won't)

The time says 12:43 but I actually finished writing in 1:00 am. I basically spent minutes thinking of what to post. I just freaking hate writer's block, k? (Basically I just spent 43 minutes on a stupid and irrelevant text post. I'm lame)



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